I’m Marco,

my passion for photography was born from a young age and still accompanies me in what is my work, with the same intensity and the same enthusiasm. I was born in the splendid lands of Amalfi, in Campania, a place that with its famous coast already inspires and opens up breathtaking landscapes.

The blue of its splendid sea, the uniqueness of views, inlets and colors of its postcard towns such as Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento have been and still are natural settings for many of my wedding reports on the Amalfi coast.

Umbria, Orvieto, the city where I live today, offer the beauty of the pristine green of the hills alternating with the white colors of the travertine and the warm, red ones of the tuff, a magical mix of history and art.

Taking a photo for a wedding is more than a job for me, a stimulating experience, a source of inspiration to create a story made of images, colors and emotions. I believe that for a photographer nothing must be constructed or artificial, but everything must represent a real “story” imprinted in the photographs of a wedding. Spontaneous moments and instants, photographs that “stop time” and which, in turn, never stop telling.

Wedding Reportages

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