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I am fascinated by the diversity and majesty that nature presents to us, by the beauty of the landscapes; I love traveling and in every place I visit I try to "capture" environments, atmospheres, colors and real life scenes.


I was born in Salerno, near the warm and characteristic Amalfi Coast, a land full of beautiful colors, smells and flavors. I grew up in Orvieto, a town in the green heart of Umbria.

I graduated in 2001 from the State Art Institute. There I found a stimulating context to deepen my passion for photography, and ability to freely express my potential.

In 2005 I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Terni "International School". That experience represented the first concrete and specific step in the approach to my photography. There were many unique situations that I experienced inside the Academy. I attended courses in photojournalism, digital photography, still life courses... I started to get involved in the creation and exhibition of first works by organizing exhibitions, and I participated in projects related to the world of theater and music. A world opened up before me and I understood that I wanted to be fully engaged in it. I like to document reality without upsetting it. I observe what surrounds me with a particular attention to details and nuances. I try to capture expressions, emotions, and also simple, spontaneous, authentic moments, without forcing, without intrusion, without "programmed poses”, gently entering a story.


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